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60 and 30 min sessions

60 and 30 min sessions

60 minutes training session

Using a personal trainer, whether it’s for one session or one year, allows you to learn which exercises are the most effective and what actions your body reacts to. With the focus on you, Ripxfit’s trained professionals deliver unique instruction with your health and fitness goals in mind. Having a personal trainer is like having your own cheerleader. It doesn’t matter if you’re working toward a certain goal or just looking for a good workout, we’re here to help you succeed.

60 minutes sessions is the traditional workout model for people that wants more attention on their training sessions. It is great if you want to maximize reaching your goal, recovering from an injury or if you just want more attention and supervision.

30 minutes training SESSION

The biggest excuse people give for not working out is, “I don’t have time!” Of course, as a fitness professional, you know that time is not a viable excuse. We have to make time to keep our bodies healthy. People are busier than ever today, and to be honest, fitness is not a priority in most people’s lives. As fitness professionals, we have to educate people on the benefits of exercise and teach them how they can maximize their overall health in a minimum amount of time.

At Ripxfit we will develop a smart plan for you to maximize your time at the gym. For that we will teach you to properly warm up before the class and also what kind of activities you can do after class if you you would like to stay for a few minutes.