RipXFit Fitness Studio Reviews

I absolutely hate working out, but after gaining 40lbs, I knew I needed to get some professional help. After 7 months of consistently working out with Jean- Pierre, I’ve gained both physical and mental strength that has positively impacted my life. I no longer dread working out. He keeps he sessions fun while motivating you to keep going. His gym is more private than other gyms in town, so I don’t have to worry about people starring at me while working out. He has changed my life, and I cannot thank him enough!


Mariah Finegan

My husband and I have been in the Wilmington fitness/running community for quite some time but have never felt more at home than at RipXFit gym. We recently started racing Spartans/OCR and this gym, along with owner JP have better prepared us than we could have imagined. The encouraging team atmosphere and personal attention is incredible! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Brooke Park

I live about 2 hours away from this gym. That being said, I make it a priority to venture south to Wilmington whenever I get a chance to visit RipXFit. The trainers and athletes that make up the group at the gym put on quite the workout to prepare me for obstacle course racing. A visit is a must, you will not be disappointed!

Erika Reynolds

Fantastic trainers and the perfect gym setup and equipment for my OCR training. The workout plans are driven and focused and achieve results!!

Stray Local

Great gym, great people, great atmosphere . Check it out for sure you will have a great workout :).... 💪🏻💪🏻🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Patricia Toro

If you’re thinking of doing an OCR race, this is the place to become completely prepared for the experience. Excellent and compassionate trainers with a program for success!

Jennifer Maslow Sult

JP is a great motivator 💪💪

Mario Cruz

I joined RXF because I liked their approach to group training: small class sizes allow for near-individual attention while still offering the camaraderie that goes along with group fitness.

However, my favorite part of RXF quickly became the level of engagement between the staff and members.

JP and the RXF crew go out of their way to create a strong community both inside and outside of the gym. They offer open-house sessions where anyone can come and try their hand at the obstacles we use to prepare for races, advocate healthy living by promoting local wellness-focused businesses and lead impromptu events (runs, etc.) to help members get that extra push toward their goals.

I look forward my next workout!

Mitch Pruitt

Yesterday was my first visit to RipX Fit! I took the Beach Butts and Guts class with Charlotte and I had a blast! I will definitely be back!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! ❤️

Andrea Myers

Great gym with some excellent trainers! Rich and I are in a much better place because of your training and your friendship! Thanks to Robert Smith for getting us started and to you for always pushing us to do more than we ever thought we could do.

Linda Ratcliffe Piasio

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