The Buddy System: A brief “Pro” list of why working out with friends, works

The Buddy System: A brief “Pro” list of why working out with friends, works

Knowing you want to make a change is the first step on any fitness journey. The changes can range anywhere from wanting an overall improvement in health, to wanting to lose 60 pounds. Regardless of the change, adding exercise to any routine can be daunting. Sometimes scary and downright frustrating. Imagine never lifting weights and walking into a big box gym seeing everyone else working out, seemingly knowing exactly what to do. It can be intimidating. One great and easy solution? Joining a group class!

I have always been a fan of group exercise since the beginning of my fitness journey 7 years ago. (And not just because I teach it!) It’s been proven time and time again that the accountability of not only your instructor but of your classmates and friends is one secret to fitness success. The more people who know your goals and encourage them along the way, the better!!

Also, everyone is a beginner at some point in a group class. You learn as you go. You can pick up proper form and how to link exercises in a non-one on one environment. You can also go at your own pace and break when you need to. It’s also more “fun” to be sweating and working hard in a jovial group environment! Sharing the pain can be motivating!

If any of this makes sense or sounds like fun to you - I encourage you to come check one of RipXfits many awesome classes! You may just have me leading you and make a few new friends while you are at it!

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