New Ripxfit clients starting package (Web version)

New Ripxfit clients starting package (Web version)

Nutritional and training tips


  1. Please read “Healthy eating plate” document on page 2

  2. Eat 5 meals a day (breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner)

  3. Level 1 from 1stPhorm is a GREAT snack, do you want to make it a meal? Add Optigreen-50 into your shake

  4. Have protein with each meals, including the snacks

  5. Eat a good variety of vegetables with your meals

  6. Have a protein shake after workout (1stphorm Phormula one or Vegan Power Pro)

  7. Never have more than 2 days off, except if you are sick

  8. Sleep 7 or more hours a day

  9. Never miss Mondays

  10. Incorporate mobility into your routine

  11. Do at least 3 days of cardio a week

  12. Do the Inbody Body Composition analysis at least once a month to check your training results



1stPhorm packages



Starter Kit

Trainer's choice kit

After work put

Level 1

Phormula one and Ignition

Meal replacement

Level 1

Level 1 plus Optigreens-50


Micro Factor

Micro Factor




Sleep recovery

Core-21 (women) or Night T (men)

Core-21 (Women) or Night T (men)

During exercise


BCAA (lifting) IntraFormance (Running)



AlphaCre or Creatine (no caffeine)
Megawatt V2 (Caffeinated)

Fat Burner

1 DB Goddess (women), 1 DB Overdrive (men)

1 DB Goddess (women), 1 DB Overdrive (men) PLUS Thryro Drive (Fat burner stack)

Testosterone Health


HD Conquest



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