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September the 26th

Will you be prepared; to give every ounce of guts you have to complete your next race? Will you be prepared; to overcome every obstacle that is put in your path? The Atlanta Super on December 3rd and a Spartan Sprint December 4th are fast approaching! Join the RipXFit team on September 26th at 7 p.m. to learn how to show up race ready in December.  This all-inclusive program teaches you to conquer every Spartan Race Obstacle whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. RipXFit is the only OCR specific gym in Wilmington, where the trainer’s goals is to see you succeed at your next race. If you trained here you’d be SPARTAN READY by now!


June the 21st

And the winner of our June client referral contest is……..Cindy Merrel, CONGRATULATIONS. She won a $50 amazon gift card.


Spread the voice! 10 week Spartan Training!

We are very excited about our upcoming special to prepare anyone that is interested to run their first Spartan Race, in this case, we are aiming for Fort Bragg Spartan Race Sprint on September the 10th. Here I am adding our flyer for that special. The cost of the 10 week UNLIMITED classes promo is $150. Please contact me if you have any questions!

spartan flyer


Ultimate X Battle on July 8th!


The Experience

Your time at Battle House will include the following:

Check-in (arrive 10-20 minutes prior to your start time) *
Teams are randomly assigned at check-in.
Groups of 3 or more players will have players on both teams.
Safety Briefing and Weapons Instruction (10 minutes)
Let the Games Begin!
Team death match (warm up game)
Then start playing games for points.
Return to the Armory return of the Gaming Devices
* Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled start-time to allow for timely registration and briefing.

The Mission

During the 1.5hours of game play you will take part in a variety of mission scenarios that require integrated team strategy, tactics, and communication to succeed.

Examples Include:

Bank Heist
Search and Destroy
The General
Last Man Standing
Search and Destroy
Total Domination
Rescue Ron
And More!
Specialized gaming devices are utilized in several of the Missions to raise the complexity of the experience and your adrenaline levels.

The Rules of Engagement

Your safety and that of our employees is paramount. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, our rules are as follows:

No Running in the Arena
Dead Men Can’t Talk
No Blind Firing
No Charging
No Spawn or Re-charge Area Camping
No Gum, Food or Drink Allowed in the Arena
Battle House Field Marshals will provide instruction on these rules and also enforce them to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Violations may involve your temporary placement in a penalty box, removal from the game scenario or facility.

***NO 6 pm class that day!!!

Tri-Span 5k and 10k on July the 9th Downtown Wilmington

Register HERE


Join Team RipXRun and Team OCR RipXFit on this great Wilmington Downtown Race, on July the 9th!

Run the only 3-bridge 10K course on the east coast! Starts at the Cotton Exchange parking lot, across the street from the Hilton Hotel on Water Street, run over the Memorial Bridge and across two more bridges before finishing on Water Street with a 1/3 mile flat and fast run to the finish! You’ll also have a short loop down Battleship Road where you’ll run in front of the Battleship USS North Carolina and take in the view of downtown Wilmington across the Cape Fear River – very picturesque. There will be extensive coning on the race course so you’ll run safe and fast over the bridges.You know it’s going to be HOT so take the challenge with the humidity, heat, and hills of Wilmington! Have a great time recovering with local watermelon, cantaloupes and cold drinks to cool down with while enjoying the post race activities and awards ceremony at the Cotton Exchange.
The 5K course travels through the downtown area and has some slight rolling hills and a couple of short, steep grades.

Hump Wednesday on Wednesday July the 13th










Once a month we are going to go out as a group to know each other a little more, outside the classic gym dynamic. Invite friends and share event. The event will be always on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Suggestions and location are welcome!

Spartan Race Obstacles Tips and Tricks by Jean-Pierre Saintard on Saturday July the 16th

BeFunky Collage

Learn from Obstacle Racer and Owner of RipXFit Jean-Pierre Saintard, tips and trick about the best way to train and tackle certain obstacles that you will encounter on a Spartan Race. This event is completly FREE and highly recommended to everyone doing a Spartan Race this year.

More information HERE