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“Ripxfit is simply the best for OCR training! Gym owner Jean Pierre is extremely knowledgeable on proper technique and form and his state of the art gym will give you the edge you’ve been looking for. His unique blend of strength and conditioning circuits have taken my athletic abilities to the next level!”

-Amber Johnson Elite Obstacle Course Athlete


Finally got a chance to check this gym out with a friend on a Friday night. Jean-Pierre gave us a great intro workout. The gym has everything you need to practice and excel at some of the harder obstacles in a Spartan race. Whether you need to work on grip strength, your rope climb, traverse wall; this place has it all. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and this place is definitely worth checking out!



Awesome gym with a welcoming atmosphere! The trainers are incredible and keep you motivated. And the equipment is more than just your average weights and treadmills. Whether you’re looking for a serious challenge or just trying to get in great shape this is definitely the gym for you.

– Kyle Laughlin

“I can tell a huge difference since I started here.  I don’t get as tired on the mat. My cardio has gotten so much better. Training on the mat then training at RipXFit is the perfect routine.  It really gets me in shape.”

-Eugen Cepa, MMA Fighter, RipXFit member


Been to a few box type gyms and this one rocks! The trainers are super welcoming and really great at what they do, and the owner is bi-lingual so a great option for folks wanting a Spanish speaking instructor! Super stoked to do a OCR sometime in the future, and I will be confident doing it with this training style!

– Krissi Fountain


“Jean-Pierre and Kristen are wonderful trainers. They take novice or very-experienced trainees and assess the weaknesses and strengths of each, then correct the first and build on the latter. They emphasize fundamentals of balance and proper form to minimize injuries and maximize performance. I’m tired but not in pain after workouts; as a physician, I know that pain is not my friend, although a little soreness does let me know I did ok. I feel great getting back into the gym, thanks to RipXFitness!”

– Betty Griffin Feezor


“I started training with Dale a little over 2 months ago and have been making tremendous progress. He keeps me entertained while I’m working out so I don’ t even realize I’m working as hard as I am. Dale pushes me when I don’t think I can lift any heavier or move any faster. He focuses on me 100% of session and gives me lots of tools for outside of the gym. I’d recommend Dale to any one that is looking to get in shape!”

– Diana Schulman


“I have worked out with Jean-Pierre for several years. When I started I had to go down stairs sideways. Soon, I was able to go down as I should. Over the years, we have worked on strength, cardio, and stretching. He has definitely “kept me going”, including working my shoulder following shoulder joint replacement surgery. He is smart, definitely knows how the human body works, and how to make it work better. He is thoughtful, and he never laughs at me, though I am sure I have given him plenty of reason to. I would not want to be without him!”

– Phyllis Leimer


“Great gym with some excellent trainers! Rich and I are in a much better place because of your training and your friendship! Thanks to Robert Smith for getting us started and to you for always pushing us to do more than we ever thought we could do.”

– Linda Ratcliffe Piasio


“Jean-Pierre’s focus on teaching foundational skills, and proper form paved the way for me to be successful and graduate to more challenging, and complex movements. Jean-Pierre celebrates the success of his clients while also holding them accountable at all times. His sense of humor mixed with his passion for helping his clients allows for an atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable and successful. I consider Jean-Pierre not just a trainer, but my friend, who has my best interest at heart, and truly wants me to achieve my goals.”
– Kellie Digiovanni


“So glad I made the decision to join. Such a different experience from other gyms and trainers. JP’s expertise and passion is unmatched. I hated going to the gym and now I can’t wait for the next session. He makes it fun, rewarding and totally worth it. Can’t wait to see my transformation training with him.”
– Daniel Sykes


“JP is a great motivator with an ability to make anyone from any fitness level feel comfortable and confident to achieve all of their fitness goals. His focus on the basics and fitness fundamentals is what really sets him apart from other trainers. Classes are challenging, fun and definitely get you the results you are looking for. Thank you JP. AROO!!”
– Andrew Karasz


“Jean-Pierre, my congrats on your energy and knowledge that have made my three times a week visits both enjoyable and rewarding…I’d also comment that my attitude has changed for the better…my thanks.”
– Ron Conway


“RipXFit is a “full service” gym with all your typical workout equipment and weights, but also OCR equipment and obstacles that set it apart from other gyms. The workouts here are anything but typical & always keep you guessing and improving! If your going to put in the time, reap the rewards! Motivational trainers + Motivational clients = RESULTS”

– Richard Wells


“Absolutely fantastic place to train and workout!!!! I did one of the challenges offered at RipXFit and it was a blast! Definitely a hard workout, but Jean-Pierre and Zak made it fun while being challenging. Both guys are phenomenal trainers who really focus on technique and mechanics. They give you their full attention while motivating you throughout the class. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up to be a member! Looking forward to a awesome year ahead at RipXFIT!!!’

– Megan Novak

“Best gym in town! It has the most unique equipment and the trainers are excellent. We are constantly learning new movements which keeps it from ever getting boring. If you are unable to do a movement they break things down to fix your mobility to better build you as an athlete. Their attention to complete and professional workouts including warm ups and stretching has allowed me to get injured less. Give RipXFit a try. You won’t be sorry.”

 – Kevin Bloom

“These trainers make exercising fun!! I have been training here for a year and I have improved tremendously, seeing results I had never seen before. I look forward to class and being with my RipXFit family.”

-Danielle Boisse


“Help me get in beast mode and prep for Spartan races.”

– Chris Tillapaugh 


“Being part of this gym has made me realized that I can do better every day not only health wise but also as personal goals.. Gracias por darme LA oportunidad por Der parte DE este ekipo…”

-Karl Santana


“The best gym in Wilmington. I’m so happy to be part of it .. Thanks JP for being such a wonderful person . I feel much better after joining to the gym, stronger and healthier … I’ll keep it up.. Excelente gym , ambiente, entrenador 🙂 .. Gracias por ser como eres .. Recomendado 100% a todo el mundo ..”

-Patricia Toro


“Great environment, it’s positive, challenging, and it’s designed for any fitness level. Expect to be pushed to your limits mentally and physically with a great trainer that won’t let you down if you don’t let him down! No excuses, always try, try, and try again until you make it! It’s not your average gym, it’s competitive but also supporting. Never will anyone feel left out or like they didn’t do their best. #1 gym, fitness studio, and personal trainer I would recommend. You get what you pay for and you’re getting the best.”

– Kirsten Thor


“I love the encouragement and progress that you achieve every visit!”

-Terry Allgood

“I recently began training at RipXFit, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. My fitness goals include running my first ocr this year. After my first visit I knew I was at the right place. Jean-Pierre and the staff at RipXFit are knowledgeable and 100% dedicated to helping their clients reach their goals. The atmosphere is positive, the workouts are challenging, and the people are amazing. I would highly recommend RipXFit to anyone at any level that wants to take charge of their fitness and get the most out of their workouts!”

-Audra Bullard