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Personal Training 

Larry have been training with me for 8 years. He came after finishing his physical therapy due to a back fusion. Now, Larry is able to do activities and training like his injury never happened. Thank you for your business, support and encouragement.

Debbie has been training with us for 5 years. She is a loyal client, following me from the original RipXFit studio downtown to the new location on Oleander Drive. Now she is very happy with the new equipment and new space. Thank your for your businesses and support!


Group Training

Here is a little example of our group training dynamics. At RipXFit training is not challenging (according to your fitness level of course), but it is also FUN. At the same time, we make friendships while improving our fitness. We also interact outside of the gym- we have social meetings and movie nights!

Team RipXFit OCR

Team RipXFit OCR is our racing team. The team is open to all our members that want to direct their training into Obstacle Course Racing and regular 5ks and 10ks. It is great to see in reality how your everyday, weekly and monthly training pays off by achieving your personal goals. Team OCR RipXFit is completely FREE to join!

Training Outdoor as well

As part of our preparation to OCR events at RipXFit, we use this parking garage, and we add some tasks in between. The intensity of this work out is very high. Enjoy! Class is free to try! Visit for more information about our Fitness Studio.


The forms below needs to be filled out prior to sign up or assisting to any of the classes if you want to try them.
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